DVD Link (Updated 5-4-2003)


Classicsitcoms.com - A site dedicated to The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mash, and many other classic sitcoms, produced by Vince Waldron, author of The Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book.


The Walnut Times - A Great Newsletter published by another DVD, David Van Deusen

TWT has produced an excellent, authorized VHS tape of "It May Look Like A Walnut", complete with interviews with Carl Reiner, Dick Van Dyke, and Rose Marie. Buy it for only $14.95 while you're waiting for the DVD on DVD collection!

He also has:

a neat Coffee Mug with a drawing by Dick Van Dyke of the entire cast

and a cool DVD Watch.

Click here to subscribe to the newsletter or to buy the Tape, Mug or Watch.


Sitcomsonline.com - Featuring over 60 of your favorite sitcoms. Their Dick Van Dyke Show section includes great information.

The best feature is their Message Board, where you can find and create posts from DVD fans everywhere.


Open4ever.com - Amir's site is filled with fun pages, including a cool trivia quiz. Over 100,000 visitors since 1998! Become one of them!