Larry Mathews

Birth name: Larry Mazzeo
Born: August 15, 1955,
Birthplace: Burbank, California, USA

"Why is Ritchie's middle name ROSEBUD?"

It has nothing to do with the famous Orson Welles film Citizen Kane.

Before Ritchie was born, the relatives of both Rob and his wife, Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) gathered to decide on the perfect names for the yet unborn boy. To make everyone happy, Rob took the first letter of each person's suggestion and came up with the middle of name of ROSEBUD: "R" for Robert (his Dad), "O" for Oscar suggested by Laura's mother), "S" for Sam (Rob's Dad's name), "E" for Edward (for Laura's Father's brother), "B" for Benjamin (Suggested by Rob's mother), "U" for Ulysses (suggested by Rob's grandfather) and "D" for David (suggested by Rob's grandfather). Maurice "Buddy" Sorrell (Morey Amsterdam), Rob's writing partner suggested that Rob name his kid "Exit" so that if he became an actor his name would be in every theater in the country!